Barnabas the Beachcomber
and the Oil Slick

(Picture Book for 8/9 year olds)

Out on 28th October 2014

Available from:

Also available as a digital download from Apple and Amazon if you have an ipad or a Kindle Fire device.

Beaches are magical places! Its the excitement of never knowing what you might find washed up by the tide; a football, a crate of oranges, a drum, shoes, bags filled with soggy surprises, pieces of driftwood, coconuts, furniture... even a message in a bottle!

Every day, Barnabas the beachcomber scours a stretch of golden sand on the west coast of Scotland with his long-suffering pet Labrador retriever, Dorada, on the lookout for any treasures wedged into the sand or bobbing about on the waves. One day, they spy a crate in the water. They go to investigate, but then news is brought to them of a tanker pumping gallons of oil into the bay.

"Out there is an oil tanker and its chucking out oil into the bay. If we dont do something soon all the wildlife in the bay will be in jeopardy!"

Barnabas, Dorada and a host of animal friends jump into action to try and save the area from ecological disaster. Vot can a little man and his little pet pig do to a tanker like zis? jeers the captain of the tanker. Quite a lot, as a matter of fact Barnabas has a whale of a plan up his sleeve to wipe the smile off the captains face..!

This is an off-the-wall adventure with a quirky hero. The heart-warming story is brought to life by fantastic drawings, creating a
book that adults will enjoy with their children over and over again, and that children aged six-nine will be able to read themselves.