In the pipeline

My fabulous illustrator, Jesús, is working on another Barnabas book which should be ready in the New Year. It's called Barnabas and the drug traffickers. He is also working on another series of books for young children called The Little Church but I don't want to say too much about this book at this stage because the pictures are only in his head and not on paper as yet. Another series of books that I hope to illustrate myself in black and white is all about the crazy things that happen in a pond. It is called The Pond unless of course I can come up with a better title! There are a multitude of weird and wonderful characters in the best tradition of make-believe and farce. A little known fact is that one of my hobbies is designing ponds so the book is based on my own experiences of having spent many happy hours around ponds and other water features.

I have notebooks full of other ideas for books. I just need time to sit down and churn them out.