Barnabas the Beachcomber and the Oil Slick
(Picture Book for 8/9 year olds)

I've always had a fascination for Scotland and it's one of my favourite holiday destinations, so I knew that Barnabas had to live on the west coast of Scotland. He is a jolly man who makes his living from the flotsam and jetsam he finds washed up on the golden, sandy beach along which he strolls with his pet dog Dorada. As a child I used to spend many weekends walking the beaches where I lived, being constantly amazed by the wide variety of things that were left on our beach by the high tide.

In this adventure an oil tanker is pumping oil into the bay and has no intention of stopping. Barnabas calls on his animal friends – Guilly the guillemot, Monty the Minke whale and Del the bottle-nosed dolphin, to save the bay from certain ecological disaster Will they be in time?